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Working full time like a modern robot only allows a tiny time window of freedom between Friday 5 pm and Monday morning 8 am. Enough time for some grocery shopping, a skate session or even a few drinks at the bar but in most cases not enough time for going to events in other cities. At least one really has to flip coins more than once before deciding to waste two-thirds of the weekend being trapped in a train or a long-distance bus, just for a few hours of fingerboarding.

I have to admit in this case - as always - I weighed the pros and cons of going, when I found out the event was going to be held at a 160-year-old prison in Denmark.

„A sketchy but interesting location!“ - that was my first thought.

Needless to say that the prison is no longer used as a prison. It was closed ten years ago and turned into a museum, sleep-in and event location. A few years ago Metallica played a concert there. Wooohaaa!

I couldn’t resist so I booked my train ticket – there was option to turn back anymore now!

Spending two nights sleeping in a prison may not sound too inviting to most people but the location was a blast!

It has its own style and almost no luxury, but being able to shred a few parks with good old friends makes it more tolerable to sleep behind bars and having cold shower water in the morning, haha.

Our room was the room of the last Danish prisoner who ever got executed in Denmark and I would lie harder than Trump if I claim I wasn’t a little afraid or worried when the lights were turned off.

Luckily there were no paranormal activities going on during those two nights but maybe the ghosts were scared of us, who knows?!

The fingerboard event was amazing. We were positively surprised to see so many kids showing up for the event and telling by their skills, those kids were really into fingerboarding, although most Danish skate shops are still somehow ignorant when it comes to fingerboarding. Sorry to say so!

Everyone had a great day and we can`t thank the Sydow family, Dan Berthelsen and Claus Petterson/Faengslet (The Prison) enough for the enormous effort they put into the event! Those kids were really passionate about fingerboarding and their parents really supportive of their spare time activities.

It was no doubt one of the most unusual event locations ever, but contrary to its former inhabitants I can assure you we enjoyed every single minute. It was worth the drive and worth almost going crazy of boredom during the train ride home. When I entered the office on Monday morning again, I was asked why I looked so tired and wasted but I just smiled like a character from Fight Club saying ”That’s 'cause I spent the weekend in prison!”

Your Blackriver-Team

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