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Spoff Parks meets Blackriver

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Some might be curious what happened with Elias Assmuth… The rumor mill has probably been working efficiently ;-)

Anyway, Elias founded the company Spoff Parks with some of his skate buddies in Vienna (Austria). The dudes build nicely crafted concrete skateparks, which are diametrically opposed to the bog standard.

The focus is definitely on innovative design and nice craftsmanship.
Elias and the Spoff Crew just started with the construction of a new skate park in the north-Bavarian town Marktredwitz. The 1000 sqm „skateboarding only“ park will be finished and ready to skate at the beginning of July. We´re looking forward to another excellent concrete park in Blackriver county!

Stay tuned with updates. Here you can get a visual taste of our new skatepark jewel ;-)

Your Blackriver-Team

Pictures about the park under FLICKR
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Denise Hermann

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