» Philosophie

People immediately sense, Blackriver is not just selling products but also provides a large portion of culture and lifestyle! The pictograms and statements point to the most important characteristics and corporate ideals:


  » Community Payback

This point of order is pure philosophy! Blackriver supports more than 100 events per year with contest prizes and organizational help! Blackriver also boosts a lot of skilled riders and new talents. Blackriver ensures energy and a steady developement in fingerboarding and keeps things moving.
In our eyes fingerboarding is a matter of the heart!


  » Hand-made in Germany

In order to always guarantee the highest quality possible more than 95% of all products in our range of goods are manufactured in Germany. Among the remaining 5% you will find high-quality distributional products like Shen benches from Spain, Flatface from the U.S., Propaganda hardware from the Czech Republic, etc. Experienced fingerboarders are always involved in the production of our goods.


  » Visionary pioneers

When it comes to professional fingerboarding Blackriver has been the no. 1 company for over 10 years now. Numerous team riders as well as the owner of the company himself has to be seen as pioneers of fingerboarding. They have contributed to the sport by creating a cultural foundation, filling fingerboarding with life, and constantly bringing up new ideas. Blackriver and fingerboarding have inseperaply grown together! We are the original– spreading professional fingerboarding all over the world with our own unique pirate style.


  » 100% Skateboarding

True authenticity must always be lived! Fingerboarding and skateboarding belong together – they complement each other! This said, people laughing at fingerboarding haven't understood skateboarding at all and people who don't understand these tho passions have not lived any of the two activities for real. The dimensions are different – the core is the same!!

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Do you have any questions?